Popular School Programs...

"Never, never, never give up!" (for large groups)

With thanks to Winston Churchill, Aline will present a 90 minute digital slide show on how a shy Home Economics teacher with no journalism training managed to place articles and stories in national publications. Persistence and the importance of rewriting are emphasized. Of special interest are photos showing the making of an article from idea to publication. Aline will supply the projector. You supply the screen or Smart Board and extension cord.

"'N Character" (for small groups)

Do your students enjoy playing make-believe? In this "hats-on" workshop, students dig into Aline's trunkful of props and dress themselves to suit their imagination. Once they're in the mood, they use worksheets to flesh out their characters on paper. It's a great way to create "story people" who feel so real that readers care what happens to them. Students must bring pens/pencils. You supply counter or table space and, if possible, a full-length mirror. Aline supplies everything else.

"Creative Captions" (for small groups)

Aline has written 50 articles and innumerable photo captions for National Geographic Kids (formerly World), a world-famous picture magazine. Using custom-made posters and worksheets, Aline will share her secrets for writing captivating picture captions and will then help your students write captions of their own. Students must bring pencils and erasers.

"Animal Scientist" (for small groups)

It can take years of wildlife observation before a scientist sees an instance of animal behavior sufficiently unusual or intriguing to make it into an article for National Geographic Kids. Using actual field notes taken by Aline's cousin when she studied wild chimpanzees for Jane Goodall, students will learn how it's done. Then they'll view a video clip, take their own notes, and write up an accurate, factual description of their own observations. Aline will supply the projector. You supply the screen or Smart Board, extension cords, and an Internet connection. Students must bring pens/pencils, erasers, and notebooks.