"We Love our Pets!" Welcome Song by Lewiston-Porter Primary School

"Does Your Pet Have A Story?"


For local schools, within a sixty-minute drive of my northern New York home, I charge $500.00 a half-day and $900.00 for a full day, plus mileage and lunch. Farther than that, please call or email me to discuss my rates, which will include expenses for mileage or other transportation, food, and lodging (if necessary). Please have my check ready on the day of my visit.

Fact or Fable?

Sheridan Hill Elementary Bulletin Board. Clarence Center video.


If you are interested in having me make a virtual school visit through videoconferencing, please visit the CENTER FOR INTERACTIVE LEARNING AND COLLABORATION (CILC) and enter my full name, Aline Alexander Newman, into the search box. Scroll down and my programs will appear. Click on them for more information.

Grab bag fun at Clarence Center Elementary


If you can't afford the fee, perhaps you can partner with a public library or another school in your area. Then you can share the cost of transportation and other expenses.

Smelling the skunk and hearing the story at Harris Hill Elementary


If I drive to your school, I can bring books with me to sell. But I do ask that you please send a flyer home ahead of time to alert the parents, so that they can send money to school with their child. Then if you will provide a table and two chairs, my husband will handle the money while I personalize the books. You can download my book order form here! Be sure to fill in the date before photocopying and distributing.

If I must fly or take Amtrak to your school, I won't be able to bring books to sell. In that case, I suggest you take orders ahead of time and ask your local bookseller to fill them. Then the school collects the money and the order forms, matches them to the books, and passes them out. I will sign them when I get there. You can also order books directly from National Geographic, probably at a discount. If you want, you can pass the discounted price on to your kids, or you can charge them the list price and keep the difference to help pay for the cost of my visit. Contact the Special Sales Department at National Geographic at

Kids and Furs

Accuracy matters!